Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Football Friday Night

Hunter, #25

It's officially in full!
Being born and raised in Texas means the Fall season revolves around this one main sport. Friday evenings become like Sunday mornings in that you wouldn't even THINK of scheduling anything at this time because there is something far more important going on. Almost everyone goes to the local football game and sometimes folks will go to the game of a nearby town if their team is playing too far away that evening.
I once heard something that caught me off guard a bit, but I am starting to understand the similarities. An "old-timer" once said, "It's out right blasphemy to do anything but go to the football game on Friday night!" Well, maybe God doesn't consider it actual blasphemy, but I understand what this guy was saying.
Everything shuts down and stops on football Friday night in small town Texas. But you know what? I wouldn't trade it for anything. There is nothing like the small town community atmosphere on Football Friday Night.
Right now, Hunter is on the 5th/6th grade football team and they play on Saturday mornings. The next couple of years will see us faithful to attend all of his games on Thursday evenings. But, it won't be long until my son will be playing on Friday nights just like many guys before him have done. I'll tell ya......I absolutely can't wait!

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Mom said...

Go Hunter! Noni and Pawpaw are cheering you on!