Monday, September 15, 2008

Football Player Extraordinaire

The 3rd-4th grade Bangs Dragons football team played Saturday morning and won 25-0. WooHoo! They are really good this year. They play so well together. They are communicating, executing the plays correctly, and working together wonderfully as a team. It is so much fun to watch. Here are some more pictures from the game. The 2nd one is Hunter tackling the kid with the ball. Enjoy! (Oh, by the way, Hunter is #25)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

We left a man behind...

Those of you who have been in the military or are familiar with the military know that we Americans "leave no man behind" (or woman if you want to be trivial). If someone is still in there, it is your responsibility as a U.S. soldier to go back in for him. We were not in the military and we were not fighting a war, but we did leave a man behind. Hunter was that man last night. Seth and I were in seperate vehicles (not uncommon at Wednesday evening church) and we both left thinking the other had Hunter. Yes, we left a man behind. Hunter was fine. The pastor and his family live right there next to the church, so he just went over there and was playing with their son. I drove frantically back to the church when we realized that neither of us had him. I was so angry with Hunter because he disobeyed. I'm sure that none of you have EVER heard of a 9 yr old boy doing that before!

Anyway, it reminds me of our Lord and His love for us. If we ever turn from God's ways and try to go our own way, He will always be there to take us back in. If we belong to His family, He will never "leave a man behind. " God gives us boundaries for a reason. Just like we were telling Hunter last may not seem important or make sense why we are told to do a specific task; but we are to do it anyway. It is for our safety, our joy, and our best interest. We need to remember that at times when we are faced with a request from God that we don't understand or feel is necessary. Hunter wanted to chase lizards with the boys outside instead of staying in Seth's office so Seth would know he was there when he was ready to leave. I don't blame him--I would want to chase lizards too! But, Hunter was told what he was supposed to do and he didn't do it and he got left behind.
I have been in that same spot in my walk with God. I thought I knew what was best and something else came along that seemed more "fun", so I disobeyed and went with the "fun" thing. I also paid the price afterwards. We shouldn't all have to learn the hard way, though.
"And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose." Roman 8:28........including staying in your Dad's office instead of chasing lizards!

I just wanted to share my insight with ya'll for today. Hopefully, I will have somemore football pics for you next week if Hurricane Ike doesn't cause Hunter's game to be cancelled. It depends on if it storms or just rains.