Thursday, January 15, 2009

Jordan's Band Concert

Jordan performed in her first band concert Thursday evening. It was fantastic! The 6th grade band played, followed by the 7th-8th grade band, and then the high school bands. I think the 6th grade played so well, they could play with the rest of the junior high band (7th-8th grade). Jordan is 1st chair trumpet for the 6th grade band and got to sit in the coveted 1st chair seat for the concert. It was a great honor to get to watch her and the rest of the band perform so well. It took me back to when Seth and I were in the Bangs Dragon Band and sat up there and played at our band concerts. We reminisced about how our favorite band director Mr. Rusty Baldwin would direct us and many funny memories of those times. I smiled the entire time she played. I wonder if our parents were as proud and thrilled as we were this evening of Jordan.
After the third song ended, the whole band stood for a bow and we clapped and clapped until we were quieted by someone at the microphone making an announcement. What a memory! I can't wait for the next one and for Hunter to have his turn in a couple of years.
I said that I would upload a video for everyone to enjoy, but after multiple tries, I can't get it to upload. Maybe it's too big of a file. Anyway, here are some pictures. Enjoy! For those of you who are unfamiliar, Jordan is the red-head, 1st chair, right in the front-middle of the screen playing the trumpet. We really had GREAT seats for video-taping and picture-taking!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

1st Time Huntin'

Hunter got to go hunting yesterday afternoon for his first time. A friend of ours called and invited Hunter to go along deer huntin' with him since the season is almost over. Hunter has been wanting to go on a real hunt for a couple of years now. So, Seth and Hunter (aptly named, don't ya think?) loaded up and drove out to the huntin' spot and met our friend Mickie and his daughter Kaitlyn. They sat in the deer blind for about an hour before seeing anything at all. Mickie is the only one who could do the shooting at this point for many reasons, but Hunter got to sit up there with him and watch for deer. He brought his new binoculars for the occasion!
Anyway, after about an hour, they were ready to give up because the sun was going down. Then all at once a spike came up from the left. They were expecting one to come from the right, so they were very surprised. After a direct hit that Hunter got to witness, the young spike dropped and SUCCESS! I can only imagine from their descriptions how excited Hunter must have been. Of course, after that excitement came the "fun" part. Hunter got to learn how to gut the deer and such. They will go back over to Mickie's house today to process the deer. We get to share the meat with him. Next time, maybe Hunter will get to really learn and practice his skills with a rifle. He is already ready for next season!