Monday, June 30, 2008

The Craziness has ended!!

Well, we have finally gotten to a point to where we can stop for a little while. Seth took 17 youth to camp week before last. It was awesome!! I will add some pics just as soon as I get some from everyone. They had 15 decisions--4 were for salvation. Many of the others were rededications or recommitments.
Jordan, Hunter and I stayed home of course, and worked long into the night each night on Vacation Bible School preparations. This year was my 1st year to be the VBS Director. I throughly enjoyed it!! It was a lot of work, but who can complain about doing God's work--especially when it is for the children? Our church's VBS started last Sunday, June 22nd and went through Thursday, June 26th. It was definitely an experience that I will not soon forget. We had about 75 kids enrolled, about 40 adult workers, and about 15 youth workers. It was fantastic!! Once VBS got started, I got the oppportunity of just sitting back and watching it happen. God really works wonders far beyond our greatest imaginations. We had 3-4 kids interested in making a decision for salvation. Praise God! I am still waiting on the results from those meetings. We also had a mission project offering contest. It was boys vs. girls on who could bring the most 'weight' of money. Pennies, nickels, dimes & quarters were the currency of choice. The kids brought their coins all week long. If the girls won, Seth got a pie in the face. And, of course, if the boys won (which they did!) I got a pie in the face. The girls were winning all week until the last day when the boys pulled WAY ahead. Overall, the kids raised $533.54 to go toward the missions project we selected. Way to go kids!!!! A little side note on the pie in the face......NEVER under ANY circumstances should you get whipped cream in a can to use for this little show. It smells horrible!!! I got a little in my hair and a little on my shirt, and a LOT up my nose. I smelled like baby spit-up the entire time after that. It was horrible--a lot worse than I thought it would be. Oh yes, it was for a good cause, and I will do it again if the need arises; but I will use a large tub of Cool Whip next time. I had on a trash bag and shower cap---but it didn't help much.
Then, since Seth and I apparently are gluttons for punishment, we decided to hold an AL NIGHT--NO SLEEPING lock-in at the church Friday night (the night after VBS ended!). Yes, I know you all think we are completely nuts, but we enjoy what we are doing and the kids at the church are really on fire for the Lord. Our sacrifice for HIS gain. It was well worth it--24 kids came (6 of which were visitors) and everyone was well behaved and had a good time. Only 2 of the younger kids fell asleep @ about 5AM. When the sun came up, Seth made pancakes for eveyone. It was great overall.
This week will prove to be more relaxing, I hope. -- A four day weekend coming up and a chance to celebrate the 4th of July with family. I hope your week and coming weekend is relaxing and wonderful! God Bless!

Moving is good!

Ok, I have decided after much deliberating on the issue, that I will move our blog to this new site. I have had some requests for the ability to leave comments and the other site is too (in your best gameshow host tone) "log-in and become a member and you can do more!" I don't care for that too much and there isn't enough privacy for the members. So, I will try out this site. I will copy the last couple of entries from the other site over to this one so you can see them. Thanks for being patient as I change my mind again! HaHa. ~~Amy