Tuesday, May 25, 2010

15 Years!

A month before the big day!........April 1995

He's been mine for 15 years this Thursday......though I have loved him for 17.....

Seth and I will celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary this Thursday, May 27th and we couldn't be more excited or more in love. We have had plenty of ups and downs, and we have stuck by each other through them all. We have two wonderful kids that make our days even brighter.
Seth still makes my heart skip a beat when he walks into the room. I am so proud of where we are today in our life together and where the Lord is leading us.
Thank you Lord for the wonderful gift that is our marriage! I love you Seth!


Kevin and Rachel said...

Happy Anniversary!! I love it. :)


Mom said...

Happy 15th Anniversary! May the Lord continue to lead and guide you in your lives and in your marriage. We love you both so much!