Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Candidates

The time has finally come.....Seth is running as a candidate for the Bangs ISD School Board. My brother, Clint Dodson, is a candidate as well. There are 2 seats open for this election and 5 people are running (including the 2 incumbents).
I hope both Seth and Clint win. I think they would both be great for our school board and our community. I can't see how either of them could possibly have anymore time left in their busy days to do school board things, but they want to get involved in the community and especially the school. I know that Seth has said he wants to make a difference in the school system here in Bangs and wants to leave it "better than he found it." We have 2 kids in the Middle School and my brother will have 2 in the Elementary School next year. Also, my brother's wife if the Elementary School Counselor. As you can see, we have a vested say the least!

If any of you reading this live in the Bangs School District, please do your part and VOTE! (Also, if you need any help deciding WHO to vote for, see the above paragraph. :) *wink*)

To help in their campaigns, Seth and Clint put together a float for the annual Bangs Mayfest this past Saturday, May 1st. They drove/rode while the 4 kids threw out candy for the onlookers. Actually, the kids made the poster signs and blew up balloons. They pulled some of our yard campaign signs up and attached them to the truck. It looked great! I was manning the garage sale we had (everyone has their garage sale in Bangs on Mayfest!) so, I didn't get to see the parade. The pictures are great, though. (Thanks Eva!)

Please pray that God's will be accomplished and His glory is revealed in a fantastic way in this election. :) Election day is this Saturday, May 8th.....we should know by the end of the day *fingers crossed*.


Kevin and Rachel said...

So what was the outcome??? I'm so proud of Seth! :)


Seth and Amy said...

He didn't get it. It's ok, though....God puts people in the positions where he wants them. We trust in the Lord. Seth does want to run again in a couple of years. We shall!