Monday, March 9, 2009

Manor 4-H Shooting Sports Tournament

Saturday was the 4-H Shooting Sports Tournament in Manor, Texas. It was extremely windy, but everyone did ok. Hunter was not pleased with his archery results, though. His score ended up being pretty low compared to the high score he had at practice on Friday. He was very disappointed. We are very proud of him for working so hard amidst the tough weather situation. The wind was actually blowing at about 30 mph in from the side of the range. It was a tough meet, but also a learning experience. Hunter learned how to compensate for the wind a lot more. He says he is really looking forward to the next meet this coming weekend--it is an indoor meet. lol

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Kevin and Rachel said...

Hunter is looking more and more grown up!!! His little boy face is changing to little man... **SIGH**

Good job, Hunter! You'll do better next time!