Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cheerleader Tryouts Tomorrow!

Jordan is trying out for junior high cheerleader tomorrow, Friday. She has been at cheer clinics all all that hard work and learning will come up to this point tomorrow. Tryouts....I never liked the name tryout. It always seems so ugly and competitive to me. It's the "you aren't quite good enough to do this" word. I think I must have developed a negative attitude toward the word back as a child. Maybe there is a better word! I don't know..........I can't think of what a good replacement word would be for tryout. So, anyway, Jordan could use everybody's prayers tomorrow starting at 1:30 pm. She is so very excited, but said that if she doesn't make it then she would still be happy. Good attitude!
Hunter also has another archery tournament the weekend. It is indoors, so the wind shouldn't be a problem. :)
Here is a look into the past and howJordan looked as a cheerleader in elementary school! Cutie-Pie! Enjoy.

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Kevin and Rachel said...

So did Jordan make it?? And how did Hunter do?