Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I have neglected posting about Scooter. I don't really care for Scooter too much. "Who is Scooter," you say? Scooter is the newest addition to our family. (It is becoming a zoo in here!)

Hunter wanted to buy a hermit crab, so we traveled to the pet store and came home with Scooter. I really underestimated the creepiness of this crab. Seth and the kids think I am looney for being creeped-out by this thing. They think he is "cute". How can that "thing" be cute?

Anyway, Scooter loves to climb on his cage walls and then fall off. It is pretty entertaining to watch...from a distance. My favorite part about the crab is that his cage comes with a plastic palm tree. That's funny! The good thing about Scooter and Sammy (Jordan's fish) is that the kids are learning to be more responsible. Here's a picture of Scooter climbing on his cage.

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Kevin and Rachel said...

Well from that angle, I can agree with you that Scooter is a little creepy! But I'm sure that looking at his cute little beady eyes can be endearing... maybe! Hahaha... :)