Thursday, December 4, 2008

Up on the Housetop!

Seth and I always said that the kids had to be 10 yrs old before they were allowed to go up on the roof. Well, guess who turned 10 this year?! Of course, it was Hunter! He has been waiting for about 3 years to get the opportunity to go up on the roof to help put up Christmas lights. I have never seen him so excited to help out with such an arduous task (at least Seth makes it sound like it is!). He stayed on top of the roof even though it was cold, it was quite breezy, and at one point started to sprinkle. The sky should have opened up and poured down, at least according to the radar online; but God made that cloud break up in the nick of time and it only sprinkled for a few minutes. Thank you Lord! Anyway, enjoy the pictures of this momentous day.


Mom said...

The house looks great! Great work by Seth, Jordan and Hunter. I am impressed!

Kevin and Rachel said...

Hooray for Hunter! Hey, Amy, if the kid wants to help with "arduous" household tasks, then I would capitalize on the opportunity! Hahaha... Maybe you can get him this excited about laundry and such! :) The Christmas lights look great! :)