Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I think the Blog Page title explains it...

Well, Seth started school yesterday. He had 2 classes yesterday and 3 today. He is the oldest student in each class, but I gently reminded him that he is a youth pastor and God has surrounded him with "youth." He is taking it well, though. Already has homework and lots of reading to do, but is excited about it all. I will post pics next week when Jordan & Hunter start back to school. They start Monday, Aug. 25th.

I am reorganizing the house, our meals, our finances, and probably our minds (ha ha!) but it has been going great. We had the Middle School open house with Jordan last night. She is now a veteran of the Middle School since she will be in 6th grade this year. Our school district moved the 5th grade to the Middle school last year to make it 5th-8th grade. It went ok, but is still weird. They say it is to even out the # of kids at each campus---whatever. Jordan is a very mature young lady, but it is different for the boys. I am a little worried about Hunter adjusting to Middle School next year for 5th grade. Boys just mature later than the girls and are small at this age. We will just have to see, I guess. God will watch over him and protect him. I have a whole year to worry about it, now. Good grief!

Anyway, pics will come in the next blog entry. Just wanted to update for now. Kinda busy-busy!

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