Monday, August 4, 2008

Texas Ranger Baseball

Date: Saturday, August 2, 2008.

Place: Texas Rangers Ballpark @ Arlington, Texas

Temperature: 107* degrees outside!!!!!!!

Can you believe it?! I do not think I have EVER sweated so much for so long in front of so many people in my life! Seth, the kids, and I along with some folks from our church went to a Rangers baseball game which was preceded by a Mercy Me concert. The concert was on a grassy park area right next to the ballpark......not much shade there. It started at 5pm. I brought the umbrellas and bottled water, but all 500 people (at least) out there were pourin' sweat. Click here to read what Mercy Me thought -> .

I guess you can tell I am not a big fan of the heat or sweating. ha ha! The concert was so good, despite all that. The Holy Spirit was at work and so many people around us were worshipping the Lord. For awhile there, I forgot I was so hot and just praised God through song. I will never forget Hunter singing off key VERY loudly from atop his daddy's shoulders. That is a picture I will cherish forever.

After the hour and a half concert, we went across the street to the ballpark and watched the Texas Rangers play the Toronto Blue Jays. It was an 1st to be exact. I just have a question..............Why is it that we drive 10 miles further to save 3 cents/gallon for gas, but we will pay $4 for a regular-sized bottle of water? Had I known we could bring food and drinks inside the park, I would have packed a small cooler---one for each of us! I also paid $5.25 for a large Dr. Pepper and bought 4 of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What shut off in my brain while I was there that usually keeps me from making such INSANE purchases. My thirst must have over-ruled my common-sense. I should have just brought stuff. Oh, well! It was my 1st professional major league anything, so I didn't know-but I do now! They are surely making a killin' off that stuff. You see, I know better when we go to the movies. We either get nothing or we share 1 drink and 1 popcorn. That in itself cost upwards of $15. My excitement got the best of me there at the ball game.

Moving on...............the Rangers lost that game 4-6, but won Friday's game and Sunday's game against the Blue Jays. If you have never been to a MLB game, you need to go. There is so much audience participation that goes on while the TV watchers see commercials. It was so much fun for the whole family. Ahhhh, memories!

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