Friday, July 18, 2008

Warm-up to the REAL Waterpark

The kids and I had so much fun yesterday. After meeting up with our worship pastor's wife and her kids, we traveled about an hour northeast to Eastland, Texas and went to the Park Hill Waterpark. It is not a waterpark in the way that all of you may be thinking. It is like public pool on steroids. They have a kiddie area with a small slide, a medium-sized slide for the bigger kids, and a waterpark-type slide for everyone. It is so cheap to get in (only $2 per person over 6 yrs old). Hunter commented that the trip to Eastland was a "warm-up to the REAL waterpark." We are going to visit my parents in Wichita Falls, TX this weekend. They have a pretty nice waterpark there that we are taking the kids to. It should be a good time as well. Good times!!

Hannah & Jordan

The guys....Hunter, Eli, and Isaac

Hunter coming down the big water slide. Jordan took this picture--she did a good job, huh?!

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Kevin & Rachel said...

Looks like a blast! Jordan is becoming quite the photographer. :)
I can't believe how grown up Hunter looks... I remember when he was in diapers!!