Monday, July 21, 2008

Mini Vacation

We had our mini vacation this past weekend. We went to mom & daddy's house in Wichita Falls. They took us out about 30 minutes south of their place to Antelope, TX where my Daddy lived as a kid. We saw the old house and the old school gymnasium. Seeing all of that and hearing the stories of my Daddy's youth was really interesting. We also drove out to the location of my great grandfather's home and farm. The old house that he built back before or right after my grandmother was born is still standing tall.

We also went to the Castaway Cove water park there in Wichita Falls. We all had a good time playing together as a family. There were not a lot of people there later in the afternoon when we went, so it was nice. Really didn't want to come back to work today (Monday)! Hopefully we will get to go somewhere else for the weekend before school starts at the end of August. Maybe camping.......? :)

Seth and the kids up on one tower in line for a ride.

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Kevin & Rachel said...

What a great trip! I love the sepia colored picture of the kids - frame that! :)