Saturday, July 12, 2008

3rd Place Winners!

Jordan's softball team played a great game, but in the end lost to the first place team. The score was 3-9 and they played 6 innings in a 2 hour time period. The game was intense the whole time. We were pretty much neck and neck until the 5th inning when one of the other team's batters hit a ball way out to the fence and got 3 RBI's. Out girls took it really hard and started making mistakes, but did recover later in the inning. It was 4:00 in the afternoon and 99* degrees with no shade, but our team played great! The team officially placed 3rd in the district tournament and recevied trophies afte the game. The other 2 teams battled it out for 1st place with the 2nd place team winning both games and becoming the 1st place team in district. That was great because the new #1 team is the other Brownwood team and a few of Jordan's friends are on that team. But, hey! we can start our summer and relax!

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Kevin & Rachel said...

Good job, Jordan! You played hard, girl. :)