Friday, July 11, 2008

Jordan & the Softball Playoffs

Well, Jordan and her softball team are in a heated battle (literally) for the chance to advance to the state finals in the Freshman Girls District Softball Tournament. It is HOT and sunny outside and the team is playing really HOT! We lost our 1st game Tuesday evening @ 6pm to the team that is currently in 1st place today. We won our game on Wednesday evening and won both games we had to play last night (Thursday). We play this afternoon @ 4pm for the 2ND place slot against the #1 Brownwood team. We are the #2 Brownwood team. It will be a tough game, but one that we can win if we keep our heads on straight and play smart. If we win at 4pm, we will play again @ 6pm against the 1st place team (you remember.......the one we lost to in the beginning?). If we win that game, we play the same team again at 8pm!!!! Yikes.......this may be a long, tiring evening. Jordan is excited and ready to play and the rest of the team is pumped up as well. Wish them all luck and I will let you all know the results a.s.a.p.~~Amy

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Kevin & Rachel said...

Go Jordan!!! We're cheering for you!!