Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Days 7-8: Thankful for family

"You will eat the fruit of your labor; blessings and prosperity will be yours." Psalm 128:2
For Days 7-8, I am thankful for each of my family members.  My husband and the 2 kids we share are everything earthly to me.  I think I have the best family, but I 'm pretty sure most Moms think that about their own family.

  • Seth and I have been married 16 years, 164 days, & 18 hours.  I love this man dearly.  We really have become "one."  It's awesome!  He accepts me for me, and then continues to love me in spite of my shortcomings.  He's big and strong, yet soft and gentle.  My love.....thank you LORD!

  • Jordan is my daughter.  She is intelligent (top of her class!), athletic, loves the LORD so very much, and can be so gentle and patient.  She is very responsible. In fact, I consider her my "external brain"--if you know what I mean.  This child sometimes is my personal assistant.  If I forget, she will remind me.....and I forget things more and more these days. Ha Ha!  She's perfect.  She's such a blessing from God.  I just wanted to be a good Mama and for God to give me a good child.  Jordan isn't only good, she excellent.  My baby girl--15 years old this Nov. 18th--my "punky."

  • Hunter is my boy.....and boy-o-boy what a boy he is!  God took all of my brother and all of my husband and condensed them down into one small, yet explosive, boy.  He is all boy, all the time!  He is so very different from Jordan.  Hunter has been moving and constantly going since I was pregnant with him.  He beat me up on the inside with all the kicks and twists.  Then, he was born so fast (but, a day late!) that his little face bruised.  He hasn't stopped moving since. Just perfect! He's quick physically and mentally.  He loves the LORD and always asks the "hard" questions.Very intelligent--he wants to build robots when he grows up......that is, AFTER his NFL career.  He will be 13 on Friday.  My, how time has flown by!  Such another awesome blessing from God!

How can one Mom be so very blessed?

My heart goes out today to those Moms who have yet to have children and to those who have lost children.  I do not pretend to know what that is like, but I do realize how wonderfully blessed I am to have 2 beautifully healthy kids.  I also understand my huge responsibility with these kids.

My prayers go out to you today!

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