Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 16-17: Thankful for the RCBC Youth Group

RCBC Youth Group 2011---Such sweet kids!
Days 16-17:  Today I want to throw out a little mention about our church's youth group.  I am so very thankful for them.  The picture above is of most of the kids in our group at summer camp.  I do not have a current picture of the whole group.  That is something I definitely need to work on.

Yes, my husband is the youth pastor so therefore I am heavily involved in the group; but, this group has something special.  The only thing they really all have in common is that they live in Brown County in Texas and they love the LORD.  The 35-40 kids we have in our youth group represent 7 different schools and 4 different towns.  It's really cool how they all come together despite all of the school rivalries to worship God.

They are such a blessing to teach and to spend time with.  All of our youth workers would agree that these are some special kids; but I'm sure most youth pastors/workers think that about their group.  They just meld together so well and love to worship and learn together.  We don't have a bunch of kids staring back at us for an hour or so.  These kids engage in the conversation and hunger for knowledge of the Word.  Awesome!

I love the "A-Ha!" moments when I (or someone else) is teaching them God's Word, and they GET it.  That is worth all of the blood, sweat, and tears we put into that ministry!!!  Praise God!

This is the "theme scripture" for our youth group out at Rocky Creek Baptist Church:
"How good and pleasant it is when God's people live together in unity."  Psalm 133:1
This is probably a more realistic picture of the group. Haha!
Thank you, Rocky Creek Youth Group, for making ministry so much fun!  Love you all.

Are you in involved in an amazing youth group at your church?  If you are, I am so excited for you and I will keep you fervently in my prayers.  If you aren't, I am positive that the youth Pastor would welcome volunteers at any time.  God Bless!


Shannon Milholland said...

Love looking at the faces of these teens whose hearts are turned toward Christ. I pray for each face that they would be drawn even closer to the heart of God today.

jamiejoy said...

I love it! Your youth group is awesome! And I echo your encouragement for others to get involved in youth is life changing, for us and them.

Amy @ Just a Glimpse... said...

Thank you Shannon & Jamie!!
Youth Ministry is just such an awesome ministry. We are all so blessed to get to be a part of it!