Thursday, October 13, 2011

Be still.....Days 8-13 ("A Confident Heart")

Cowboys Stadium, Oct. 2011

1000 apologies for dropping the ball the past week on my "31 Days of a Confident Heart."  I did not prepare myself very well for this week to blog while being out of town.  Live and learn, I guess. :)

I had the wonderful opportunity to accompany my husband to Conclave in Arlington, Texas.  This is, in so many words, a Youth Pastor Conference.  It was great.  I have no other words, except to say that God SERIOUSLY showed up.  It was great to be there and worship, learn, fellowship, and be encouraged by others who are on your level and do what you do (or what my husband does!).

And no kids.  (Yay!)

I'm not talking about MY kids.  I'm talking about our youth group kids.  I love them dearly and love being involved with the youth ministry, but this was for US....not for the kids, and we were not chaperoning.  Bliss :)

Our great friends Terry and Traci Hall also came along with us.  We had a great time in fellowship, worship, dreaming together, and coffee.  Starbucks to be exact.  We shut down the Starbucks two nights in a row and then stayed an hour longer visiting and dreaming together out on the patio. Party animals--I know!  We also got to have the VIP Tour of Cowboys Stadium.  Wow.  It was really awesome, but totally excessive. Never mind.  I'll save that one for later.

All of that aside, God DID show up.  Specifically, the Holy Spirit did during worship Tuesday evening.  I was worshiping like usual, enjoying the band, and got into my "worship bubble."  You know--when you block everything out and it's just you and God (and sometimes the band, but I digress).  I was in that place when God  said "Be still, Beloved.  Know that I am God.  Just be still........"

Wow!  I thought I was being still!!

Be still.......I've got this.  Just be still and patient.  It's coming......the answer.  Relief.  It's coming.....


I had brought my empty well, my empty cup, my empty heart to God and held it up to Him asking, "Please Father.....fill my cup!  Fill my heart!  Heal my child, O Lord.  Heal MY heart Lord.  Hear my cry, Lord and tell me what to do.  You have to tell me Lord.  Please, Lord!"

And He did.

Be still and be patient.  It's coming......

"Be still and know that I am GOD..."  Psalm 46:10a

"How precious is your unfailing love, O God!  People take refuge in the shadow of your wings."  Psalm 36:7

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