Wednesday, October 5, 2011

31 Days of "A Confident Heart" Days 1-5

I am currently studying the book A Confident Heart by Renee Swope with a small group of ladies from my church.  I am also participating in a Facebook study group of the same book under "Melissa Taylor's Online Bible Studies."  These 2 groups are studying the book concurrently, so it works for me.  I guess you could say I am REALLY studying this book. So, I am doing this 31 Days of ______ challenge on my study of this book.

The portion on the cover of the book underneath the title says, "How to Stop Doubting Yourself & Live in the Security of God's Promises."  This is what really drew my eye.
Stop doubting myself?  (I had never really thought about.)
Live in the security of God's promises?  Surely I was doing that already.  As the wife of the Youth Pastor in our small Southern Baptist church in Texas, surely I was always living in the "security of God's promises."
Or was I?

We are on Chapter 3 of this book this week.  I realize that I am living securely in SOME of God's promises, but not all of them.  How can that be so?
Because I have DOUBT in my heart.
I have doubts that God can take care of all my needs, but I trust Him with the health and well-being of my family??  How can I be so "double-minded"?  Apparently, I have some work to do here; albeit, some soul-searching to do.

Renee Swope has written a fantastic book entitled A Confident Heart.  I highly recommend it!  It is filled with scripture and real life situations and examples in Renee's own life.  This book speaks to me.  (Maybe this is the reason why I have been so scatter-brained lately--Renee has stolen my brain, emptied it out into her book, and then applied God's Word to it.)  Haha!  No, not really; but it is like she got the examples in her book straight from my heart.  In this 31 Day "challenge", I will walk through and blog what God has put on my heart regarding this book as we study it.  I hope you all go out and buy it, read it, complete the discussion questions after each chapter, apply it to your life, and maybe start a small group of your own.  This book speaks to all of us women (and probably men alike!).  Enjoy!

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