Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Six Flags Youth Trip

We took 20 kids to Six Flags Theme Park in Dallas, Texas this past Saturday. I am always a little worried about places like that and with keeping up with that many kids, but everyone did great, was well behaved, and showed up at the meeting spots on time every time. We had a good time. We left at 6:30 a.m. Saturday morning and drove 3 hours to the metroplex. We rode rides, ate really weird park food, and ended the day with a Christian rock concert there in the park. But wait!...........there's more! As the storm clouds rolled in about 1 hour into the concert, we were evacuated because of the potential for lightening and stormy weather. That was OK with Hunter and me---we didn't care for the LOUD music too much. Unfortunately, we didn't make it out of the park and back to the church bus before the rain started pouring down. We all got soaked! We had a good time, overall......and so did all of the kids. God is good!

Our little group getting ready to ride Tony Hawk's Big Spin. Good Times!

No, Hunter did not ride the coaster in the background--I just thought it would be a cool pic. He doesn't like the scary rides.--Not after the Tony Hawk ride!

Jordan, on the other hand, didn't ride this coaster, but another one that is a death trap in my opinion. The one I am speaking of had a 24-story, 88 mph drop......NOOOOO thank-you! lol

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