Thursday, March 26, 2009

Storm Clouds

Yesterday was an exciting weather day! We had some pretty severe storms move through our area, but we just got rain in Bangs. I just happened to be out in the field doing my appraisals yesterday morning when the storms started to blow up. At one point, the storm cell closest to me caused the weather folks to issue a tornado warning. I didn't get too close and I did eventually turn back toward the office to seek shelter. I DID get some awesome clouds formation pictures though---before I left the area. Apparently, when a cold front from the north, a warm/moist trough of air from the south and a dry line all collide, you get cloud formations like this:
Isn't that awesome looking!? The dark spot there in the middle is where the potential tornado was located. God always gives an awesome cloud show during storms. I love watched storm clouds in Texas--they are like no other. I was in a safe place taking these pics---the storm was moving away from me. I couldn't resist getting some pictures!! Here are some more that I saw as well. Enjoy!

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Kevin and Rachel said...

Beautiful! I love God's masterpieces. He's such an artist!