Sunday, November 2, 2008


This year, the Halloween season was pretty much like it has been for awhile now. Seth and the kids carved the pumpkin the night before Halloween. Hunter wanted Seth to carve a Texas Tech symbol into the pumpkin this year, so Seth obliged. It looked great!

Jordan and Hunter don't really dress up anymore unless there is a costume contest at school. It was drug-free week at school and the kids dressed up at school for Halloween. Hunter dressed up as The Texas Tech University Masked Rider. The Masked Rider looks a lot like Zorro since the University is set in a Spanish Conquistador theme. It was really neat. Jordan dressed up as a Christmas tree. It was cool! From the Christmas tree skirt to the LED battery-operated lights, she looked the part. In fact, she won for Best Costume in 6th grade at school. See, you don't have to wear something scary, satanic, or bloody to have a winning costume.

Later Friday evening, we took the kids to our old church for a Fall Festival. They were already out of their costumes by then, but had a great time playing all the carnival-style games. Kialie and Calan came to have fun as well. We then went to a football game (Seth had to have fun, too!). It was a fun & safe evening. We then went to my Mom and Dad's house for the weekend to celebrate my Dad's birthday on Sunday. It was a great weekend!

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