Friday, November 7, 2008

Catch & the Trumpeteer

Seth and Hunter playing catch with the football in the street in front of our house.

Jordan with her trumpet--how we get to see her nowadays.

Jordan, the 1st chair trumpeteer.

It's Friday!...I love Fridays. The week has ended. Time for rest and relaxation with the family. It is SO nice outside--in the mid 60's--so Seth and Hunter got outside to toss around the football. Also, Jordan let me get some great "artsy" camera shots of her with her trumpet. She is learning to play the trumpet this year in 6th grade band. She is having so much fun and is really good at it. I can't believe how well she can play. It's not bad at all when she practices in the house. :) She has been 1st chair since the beginning of the school year, except for one week when the 2nd chair trumpet beat her out in the chair test. Now, there is a 3-way tie for 1st chair--so the band director said they could all be 1st chair for now. The band has their Christmas concert coming up next month. Seth and I are so excited that we will get to watch our baby play in a BAND CONCERT! *sniffle*sniffle* We loved band when we were in high school. Great memories were made there! Anyway, I will have an audio clip for you all to enjoy after that fabulous day. :)
Jordan is not playing the trumpet this year by choice, though. She wants to play the french horn like Seth did. The band director wants the kids to learn the trumpet first, and then in 8th grade they can tryout for the french horn. The fingerings and mouth piece are very similar between the 2 instruments. The trumpet is a little less complicated than the french least according to the band director. Seth disagrees, of course. Oh well...the director has a theory, a plan, and a fantastic track record for great band students. We will just have to trust his judgement in the matter. We bought this trumpet and you may be thinking, "What a waste of money when she will just switch instruments in 2 years!" Well...God is on our team! Hunter will be in 6th grade in 2 years and wants to play the trumpet!! Praise God! Hallelujah! He can play Jordan's trumpet when she switches to the french horn. God is good. I think the school loans out the french horns--so we may not have to buy one...we hope.
Anyway, kinda slow right now in the Pitman house, but next week is Hunter's 10th birthday and Jordan's 12th birthday is the next week, and then Thanksgiving is the next week, and then Christmas..........whew! I'll take my slow week for now. :)

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Kevin and Rachel said...

10 and 12... can you believe that? Will you remind each of them that I remember them in diapers! And Hunter snuggled with me when he was just 3 weeks old... My oh my do they grow fast! I just love how active they are with sports and music and all. It's really neat, makes them well-rounded kids I think. :)