Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Undefeated & The Extreme Achiever

I would have posted sooner, but I don't have the pictures developed just yet. I will post with pics next time.
Hunter's football team is now undefeated. I am so proud. They won their last game 6-0. It was definitley a good team--more evenly matched. Hunter ran with the ball a lot during the game and did a great job of gaining yardage for the team. He got so close to making a touchdown. In fact, I was a little short of breath while he was down close to the end zone. I get so nervous sometimes when he and Jordan are "performing." I can't even watch when they pitch in baseball/softball. I'm weird...I know. Anyway, they did really good Saturday and I was totally wiped out afterward.
The team plays again this Saturday @ 9:30a.m. Yikes!...1st game of the morning while the grass is still wet with dew. More mistakes seem to be made at that time of the morning. They will do fine, though. Hunter is so serious about the games--which is good; but he checks the weather and brings a towel for his hands just in case the grass is wet. It makes me smile.
One other funny little cute thing that Hunter does...he always sneezes when coming out into the bright sunlight. It is so cute. Everytime. Seriously. It's so cute. He doesn't think so--he's too cool! lol
Jordan is busy, too, but not playing a sport right now. She has been studying hard to tryout for the UIL Spelling team and the UIL Number Sense team. She tried out for the spelling team yesterday and made it to the next round (she has been on the team before). She took the test for the Number Sense team this morning. I'm sure she did well, but I will have to wait to hear when she gets home from school. She was going to tryout for the Mathematics team (which is an easier math team), but she said it was too easy and she wanted to be challenged. I just smiled. My girl...the extreme achiever. She is awesome in school! She makes high 90's or 100's on her REPORT CARD. She had a 98 average on her 3-week progress report. She is very smart and she wants to enhance that gift. I think that is awesome! I am proud, of course.
Anyway, pictures will be here at the next post--maybe early next week.
**photo by imnowl using Flickr

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