Saturday, October 11, 2008

Football Season Highlights

My good-lookin guy!

Hey everyone! Sorry it has been awhile. Lots going on. Hunter's football team played last week and lost 12-6. It was their 1st loss of the season and a huge heart-breaker. This week began the play-offs. The team played today at one of the local high school stadiums--it was quite cool to watch! Hunter made some awesome plays as well as many of his teammates, but ultimately, the Dragons fell to the Brownwood Maroon team 19-0. The loss seals the end of the 2008 TYFL football season for the Bangs Dragons. Their record for the year is 5-2 (5 wins, 2 losses). That is fantastic in my book!! No, they didn't make it to the "Super Bowl", but they played very well and deserve much praise. Now we get a break for a little while before basketball season starts. Hunter is not into basketball, so he has elected not to play this year, but Jordan will play. She is excited to get started. That will be another month or so away, though. Seth and I welcome the break! Here are some football pics of the last few games that Hunter played. Enjoy!

Coming through the run-through sign at the beginning
The lineman coach--the best lookin' one of them all!

A moment from the play-off game w/Seth & Hunter.

See that kid in green on the bottom of the pile?...That's Hunter. Ouch!

Hunter running with the ball. What an exciting moment!

Hunter (center) making a tackle.

Jordan, Calan (my nephew), Hunter, Kialie (my niece), & Chase (a friend)

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Kevin and Rachel said...

I am just blown away at how Hunter is growing so quickly! I know I say it all the time, but it's just so crazy. You're right, Amy, he's a really looker! :) I'm sure he'll drive the girls crazy....