Friday, August 29, 2008

Football!..........need I say more?

Yes, that's right season is upon us. (Pause for all the cheering to cease...) lol!

Anyway, yes football season is here and Hunter is playing tackle football for his 2nd year now. He is really awesome--I know, I know, you think I am biased. I am, but he really is good. All his coaches say that he always gives 110% and is aggressive to tackle even though he is a little smaller than some of the other boys. He isn't scared, either. I am sometimes, but not Hunter.

Seth is getting to help coach this year. As many of you know, he LIVES for football. A good friend is the head coach of the team and is also the elementary school principal. He used to coach high school football, so we have a pretty good coaching staff for his team. Hunter's first game was last weekend. They won 12-6. Good game. I saw Hunter stop a kid running with the ball in his tracks by blocking or tackling him. It was really cool! Of course, I am jumping up and down in the stands yelling "That's my son! That was Hunter! Did you see? Go Hunter!." Jordan gets a little embarrassed sometimes. Ha Ha! Here are some pics of the tough team. Enjoy!

Hunter #25 & one of his friends

The 3rd-4th grade Bangs Dragons--Seth is on the far right w/the white hat.

Hunter is about in the front-middle.

Hunter #25 lookin' tough

Hunter is the shorter guy about in the middle of the picture right behind the coach.

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Kevin and Rachel said...

Go Dragons!! I'm so impressed with Hunter and his assertiveness. Nobody mess with him! :)