Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I'm at a loss...for words

I have been cruising along here just fine with my blog lately. I've been loving the wonderful scriptures and lists that the LORD has brought to my mind.

Why then, have I gotten derailed?  I can't think of anything!

Maybe it's because I have too much going on right now.  End of year stuff is crazy.  My job, my family, the schools, church, the youth calendar is a mess!  I never thought that my love for writing would come in around 8th place in my priorities this time of year.  It has been very surprising to me.  I run around the house picking up, or cooking, or getting someone ready for something and I look at my computer and long to sit and type my thoughts.  But, I don't have any thoughts to type right now.  What is up with that??

As I sit here in my office and type this blog post, I'm thinking to myself, "You DO have thoughts.  You are typing them right now, silly!"  Hmmm.....

But they aren't interesting thoughts.  They are just my normal, everyday thoughts that I am sure nobody wants to read.  But, as I type those words, I am thinking that maybe that's where I need to be in order for God to speak through me.  I need to be at a loss for words so that HE can give me the words to say.....

Wow.  God is speaking and directing my thoughts throughout this entire blog post.  That is awesome and I am so humbled that He would spend time with me today on such a trivial thing.  Selah.

 It's not trivial to Him, however.  My dependence on God  is the key to successful blog posts.  He gave me the desire and He is equipping me with the skills to do His work.  I am so honored!  As a smile creeps across my face, I am comforted that I don't have to KNOW what to write.  I just need to be willing to be obedient.

Blessings will follow.  :-)  *sigh*


jamiejoy said...

Loved this Amy! In our weakness He is made strong.

Shelby (@every_blessing) said...

Blessings WILL follow. Thank you for sharing so openly. I'm glad I found you on (in)courage.

Amy @ Just a Glimpse... said...

Thank you Jamie! I always appreciate hearing from you :)

Shelby,your kind words mean a lot to me. Thanks for stopping by :)