Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 3: Thankful for God's Word

Day 3:  Today, I want to touch on how wonderful and living God's Holy Word is.  A dear friend of mine and I have been consciously observing the living aspect of God's Word in our day-to-day lives for a few months now.

Let me tell you--it is AMAZING!

In our daily lives, God has been making His presence known very clearly.  We could be struggling with something, and then BAM!-a scripture somehow finds its way in front of us.  Whether we catch a glimpse of a picture, or a book, or checkout a website, God's Word always finds its way into our line of site to respond to our "issue."

That is something only God can do.  If you ever wonder "Is this really from God?", you don't ever need to doubt the validity of God's Word speaking to you.

This is what I read this morning on Lysa TerKeurst's blog:
"I will never doubt the power of a simple note again.  Especially when it contains God’s word that will go forth and will accomplish things human reasoning can’t. I love that about God’s word."  (from )
I love that too!  I love how I can receive a card in the mail that contains a scripture verse.  It was written days before, but it speaks to me in THAT exact moment.  It is so amazing how God works.  Such a blessing!

My dear friend Traci and I have a mental picture to go with times like these when God is speaking directly to us.

Think of a beautiful spring day.

A lovely cool breeze.

Your bare feet running through a field of perfect daisies.

I call it my "field of daisies" times.  Traci knows exactly what I mean.  I hope you have something similar to describe that beautiful conversation between you and our Heavenly Father.  Something that will minutely describe what your heart feels like when God speaks to you so clearly.  It's such an awesome, indescribable place to me.  The field of daisies is my feeble attempt at describing that feeling; but it works for me.

Do you have a "feeble attempt" at describing God's grace in speaking to us?

I welcome comments at any time!

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