Friday, October 21, 2011

"A Confident Heart" Day 21

"Football" lighting at Cowboys Stadium


Turning away from the
"all about me" to the Father.

Turning from the shadow of my doubts toward the Light.  

We live in a world that is all about me, me, me.  It's human nature.  Self-preservation is important. But, what if it is getting in the way of God's plan in our life?  What if it is keeping us from being all we can be and should be as part of God's will?

Renee Swope touches on this topic in her book A Confident Heart.  She says:  
"When I find myself standing in the shadow of doubt, I ask Him to show me what triggered my doubt and got me to start turning away from His truth.  I ask Him to shine the light of His Word on my heart so I can see His reality versus the lies I am believing."  (pg. 92)
She says that turning is crucial.

Could this turning be repentance?

Being self-centered and making it "all about me" IS sinful, and so we NEED to  turn and repent of that sin so that it doesn't hinder our relationship with God.  Renee also says:  
"Turning leads to transforming, as we allow our thoughts to be made new, and transforming leads to  believing as God's thoughts become our truth.  Are you ready to start turning?" (A Confident Heart, pg. 93)
I'm ready to start turning.  Are you? 


jamiejoy said...

I love this post! Isn't it amazing that even after all the years that we walk with Christ, we still need those simple truths. Someone once said that we need less new information and more reminders in life. I know that is true for me!

Amy @ Just a Glimpse... said...

Thanks for your comment. Yes! I love that God's Word IS Living. It is new all the time and it never grows old. So cool!