Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Track Meets....More fun when your own child is involved!

I never liked track meets in junior high and high school. I only participated in 7th grade hurdles and then never again after that. I used to say that I would only run if someone was chasing me or taking off with my precious babies, but that's a different story for a different day :)
So, I was not looking forward to 7th grade track starring, my dear daughter, Jordan. I will sit and watch anything Jordan and Hunter participate in, but I was seriously dreading track. Watching kids run and jump in organized chaos does not excite me. What surprised me the most was how excited I would become watching Jordan come in a close 2nd in the mile run and how interesting the high jump and triple jump could be. (Motherhood really changes your perspective on MANY things.)
We didn't get to make all of her track meets this year because they are all out of town (except 1) and they last FOREVER; but the ones we did get to attend were awesome! I cheered and rooted for my child and then sat and waited for her next event....which would usually begin 45 min - 2 hrs later. HaHa...at least I got to catch up on a lot of reading, visiting with my other parent friends, and relaxing. I also got to spend some time visiting with Jordan and her friends. They all became my kids by the last track meet and I cheered them all on like they were my own. (I'm used to only cheering team sports.) It's funny how something I used to completely not like at all became such a refreshing surprise...from a different point of view.
I think next year, I will volunteer at the Dragon Relays (Bangs' Track Meet). It is now something I will look forward to from now on.

Triple Jump

Getting ready to run the 100m hurdles


Mom said...

Way to go Jordan! I always enjoyed watching Rachel and Caleb play their sports too. It did make a difference when it is your own child! Kiss the kids. Love you all.

Kevin and Rachel said...

So athletic!! I think we will find pride in anything our kids do... even if we wouldn't have particularly chosen the activity for ourselves. haha. I love watching Isaac in his interests - right now that entails trucks and construction vehicles. haha! :)