Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Band Concert Extravaganza!

I didn't forget to post pictures of Hunter's baseball game.......the games have been postponed thus far. He plays tomorrow (Thursday night) for sure and then again on Friday evening. I'll post pics then.
However, Jordan had her final band concert last night. It included a BBQ dinner fundraiser which was very yummy. The 6th grade band played very well and to top it all off, Jordan won the Band award. She received the award for her hard work, dedication, wonderful skills in playing, and attitude in band throughout the year. They picked a boy and girl from the entire 6th grade and she won! That's what the extravaganza in the title of the blog is all about. :) Good times, good times....I can't believe school will be out in about 2 weeks. Yikes! Summer is upon us! :) Enjoy.

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Kevin and Rachel said...

Good job, Jordan! We're so proud of you, girl! What a bright shining star you are. :)