Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Overdue Update #2---Davy Crockett Project

I cannot believe I didn't post these pics immediately after this occurred. Seriously, I must have fallen off the planet or something! lol
Hunter and about 20 other GT (Gifted and Talented) Elementary students have been working on researching a famous person since the beginning of the school year. Hunter chose Davy Crockett. For those of you who don't know, Davy Crockett was "King of the Wild Frontier." With his animal skin clothes and his coon-skin hat, he fought along side many courageous individuals at the Alamo. He was also a political figure in government. Hunter did lots of research to write a report, create a back board in which to display facts, a poem he wrote, and pictures of Davy Crockett. He also created a perimeter 3-D of the Alamo as it was when Davy fought for Texas' freedom. All of this work culminated into a "Wax Museum" for all the parents and teachers. Each kid would dress up like their famous person and stand with their display board like in a wax museum. They all took turns reciting from memory their report about their famous person. They all did a great job and we were very proud. My niece, Kialie (2nd grade) also did a project. She was Shirley Temple. Enjoy these pics!
Hunter in his Davy Crockett costume

My niece Kialie as Shirley Temple

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