Monday, November 24, 2008

District 4-H Food Show

This past Saturday, Jordan competed with other area youth in the District 4-H Food Show. She was able to attend because she placed 1st in the county food show last month. After doing so well, she still only received the dreaded purple "participation ribbon." She did very well and we are so proud of her. She baked the Hawaiian Banana Nut Bread like last time. It sure was a good snack on the way home! Jordan says that she doesn't really care for the competition part of the food show. She just likes the cooking. Good to know!

A few pictures of the latest adventure:

What Jordan does on the van ride to Abilene.

Hunter playing video games in the van on the way to Abilene.

Waiting for the awards ceremony to start.

Jordan's name in the awards ceremony program.

The purple "Participation Ribbon"

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