Saturday, October 18, 2008

County Food Show Victory!

That bread looks pretty tasty, huh? Jordan competed in the 4-H Foods and Nutrition County Food Show today. She made and entered Hawaiian Banana Nut Bread. The contestants are not only judged on the dish that they prepare, but also are asked a battery of questions dealing with nutrition. The kids have to know how each ingredient in their dish contributes to a healthy diet, the food pyramid, food safety procedures, etc. They all really learn quite a bit about healthy eating habits as well as various kitchen techniques and safety issues. Jordan did an excellent job preparing her dish (yes, she did it all on her own under my supervision), but the judges were also very impressed with her oral presentation and her knowledge of the specific nutrients in her dish. She placed 1st in her division--Intermediate Age Division in Breads & Cereals and got a blue ribbon as well as some casserole dishes and a few cooking utensils. Jordan moved up to the Intermediate age group this year, so she was competing against older kids. There was probably about 20 entries at the county level today. We will go on to the District competition Nov. 22. Seth and I are so proud of Jordan and how well she is learning out good nutrition. It is so important to learn that early, don't you think?

Anyway, enjoy the pics and wish me luck, too. I am leaving tomorrow for Austin, TX to take a review class all week to get ready for a major 8 hr exam on Friday. It is my final exam for my Professional Tax Appraiser Certification. I am a little nervous, but I have taken 3 exams prior to this, so I know what to expect. I would appreciate everyone's prayers this Friday while I am taking the exam. Also, pray for Seth and the kids while I am away that they get everything accomplished peacefully without me there. Bless you all!


Kevin and Rachel said...

Good job, Jordan! That Hawaiian Banana Nut Bread looks delicious - I want some!! :)

Love you,

Mom said...

Congratulations to Jordan! Wow, that is very impressive! The Hawaiian Banana Nut Bread looks very delicious! Way to go, Jordan!